BEER GARDIN: DRINK local plants

At Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, we understand the importance of local. Our staff, volunteers, and partners spend every day getting their dirty to make Indianapolis a better place—often even pulling weeds! Our supporters dig the local beer scene so much that our monthly Happy Hour Weeding events consistently fill up in a matter of days. 

So we started to ask... How can we bring beer and KIB’s mission even closer together?
What if drinking a beer could help plant a tree or greenspace? 
Better yet, what if that could be a special beer that uses ingredients native to Indiana to educate people about the importance of native plants?

Together we want to encourage the Indianapolis community to drink local and help KIB plant local.

Program Details

Native plants and trees change with the season, providing a wide variety of local, native ingredients that can be used in the brewing arts. The creation of native plant or tree inspired beers will be offered for a limited time and directly support Keep Indianapolis Beautiful programs. During that time $1 of each native pint sold will go towards greening Indianapolis through KIB's efforts!

Drinking Buddies: