Jeremy Kranowitz Welcome Blog

For the past 30 years, I have dedicated my career to making the world of tomorrow a better place than it was today. That’s just one of the many reasons I am thrilled and honored to join the team at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

My sustainability journey began during my undergrad days, when I frequently visited Baltimore’s inner harbor. I remember distinctly thinking the city’s treasure was being treated like a sewer and set about doing something about it.
Since that time, my career has included a broad and deep representation of sustainability and community work. I’m excited to bring my experience to KIB:

  • I worked on behalf of the hunting and fishing community to make our water and air cleaner.
  • I helped launch an international sustainable forestry nonprofit that examines the benefits forests provide.
  • For a decade, I led conflict resolution on our country’s complex environmental and energy issues – and taught high schoolers those same mediation and negotiation skills.
  • Recently, I served as the Executive Director of Sustainable America, a nonprofit working to make our nation’s food and transportation systems more efficient and resilient.

Addressing food waste is one of my most recent passions. Did you know we waste over 40% of the food that we grow? It’s an economic, environmental, and social problem that we all have the power to change.
Each of these steps led me to KIB. I’m excited to work with each of you, as well as businesses, the City of Indianapolis, and other nonprofit organizations – including houses of worship –to see what we can do together to make real progress. 
While I will be sad to leave behind the amazing 80-year-old copper beech tree in my backyard in Connecticut, I am excited to embrace the majestic trees in Marion County (both figuratively and literally), and do my part to plant a whole bunch more!  I love going out on the water on stand-up paddleboards. I’m excited to get out on the White River, and see what we can do to make it cleaner and more accessible for everyone. 
I will be busy over the next few months exploring my new home and meeting folks in all four corners of the city. As a foodie, I can’t wait to visit different neighborhoods over the coming months to explore the sights, smells, and tastes of all Indy has to offer. 
Please reach out, participate in some of our volunteer events, like the Great Indy Cleanup, and join with me to make Indianapolis a city where people and nature thrive!

Thanks for all you to do keep Indianapolis clean, green, and beautiful.


Jeremy Kranowitz
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, President & CEO