The KIB GUILD: Give Monthly

The KIB GUILD is powered by Motor, an all-in-one monthly electric car subscription service with the mission of accelerating electric car adoption.


The KIB GUILD is made up of monthly donors, big and small, all making a difference. Whether you choose to give $5 a month or $500 a month, we want you to be part of it.

In ecology and gardening, a tree guild is a tree and surrounding plants that grow in cooperation with each other. There are many species, each with its own purpose and benefit to the others. A guild takes some time to achieve, and success depends upon the diversity of group. In the KIB GUILD, we all work together, in various ways, toward one goal: to create vibrant public places that help Indianapolis thrive.

Anything you can give helps! To join the KIB GUILD, just complete this form:

Need our Tax ID Number? EIN: 31-1005792

The KIB GUILD isn't something you do; it's something you are a part of. It's something bigger than you. It's something bigger than us. Becoming a member of the KIB GUILD builds a natural, self-sustaining environment that all starts with a vigorous, productive main tree. . . you!

Your KIB GUILD benefits include:

  • Exclusive KIB picnic blanket for new members while supplies last!
  • Invite-only GUILD events, special partner events, and volunteer opportunities
  • Access to native plants and trees
  • A special monthly e-newsletter just for GUILD members with the latest news you won’t find anywhere else
  • More to come!



Judith Allen
Nathan Ashworth
Sandra Bailey
Julie Barnard
Jesse Beck
Luke Beecham
Lori Bendy
Peyton Berg
Jeanne Bohannon
Heather Bonds
Kelly Brown
Randi Caldwell
Kristine Chambers
Michael Cook
Christopher Corr
Jessica Davis
Mary DeVoe
Megan Dillon
Laurie Dippold
Tyler Dobbs
Danielle Duffy

Taylor Dye
Mychal Eagleson
Sharon Ebert
Jessica Eichhorst
Kathryn Escher
Rosemary Fanning
Taylor Firestine
Fred & Elizabeth Frick
Sandra Fuller
Gara Gaines
Will Gardner
Vickie Goens
David Gorden
Robert Goshert
Marisol Gouveia
Karen Grant
Kay Grimm
Maria Gulley
Matt Hanger
Kenneth Hardiman Jr
Jill Hoffman

Julia Hogan
Robert Hoke
Andrew Howard
Maureen Hunton
Timothy Jarzombek
Keri Jeter
Susan Jones
Dyian Jones
Aaron Kalinowski
Rauf Khalid
Peter Lacy
Ryan Larcom
Deborah Law
Deborah Lawrence
Anthony Lorenz
Trina Loucks
Christine Lundberg
Edward Mandity
Kristine Matel
Brendon McAvoy
Teresa McCurry

Jose Medina
Jen Mendoza
Christopher Moore
John Moriarty
Debra Myers
Rahnae Napoleon
Joanna Nixon
Kris Owens
Stephanie Powers
Kumari Ratnayake
Ellen Robinson
Trena Roudebush
Charles Rudner
Toby Salyers
Sarah Savage
Joe Schnieders
Eric Schommer
Jane Schultz
Tim Shaffer
Jo Ellen Sharp
Margaret Sheehan

Benjamin Shine
Julie Shutt
Sue Spicer
Brandon Spitz
Alice Steppe
Dawson Stroud
Chip Sutton
Shelby Swango
Aveline Taylor
Matt Teegarden
Barbara Tormoehlen
Kathryn Trigg
Amelia Weston
Benjamin White
Angelia Wimbley
Margaret Wood
Eric Yearling