AES Indiana Project GreenSpace

AES Indiana Project GreenSpace

What is AES Indiana Project GreenSpace?

AES Indiana Project GreenSpace is a publicly available grant program, where the grant award takes the form of a community park or space. Selected applicants work with KIB and alongside landscape architects to create a design that captures the sense of spirit and pride of their local neighborhood. The designs are then implemented through the labor of volunteer workdays, hired contractors, and KIB staff, brining to life a beautiful and vibrant public space. Projects receive maintenance support through KIB's GreenSpace Sustainability Program in the form of technical, financial, and boots-on-the ground support to ensure these places retain their function and beauty.

Why is AES Indiana Project GreenSpace Important?

AES Indiana Project GreenSpace provides and avenue for local residents to work with their neighbors to create tree environmental and social impact within their communities. Community-driven designs all for elements of place that build healthy habitat for humans and nature alike. AES Project GreenSpace bring nature and all of its proven benefits into the urban setting. KIB GreenSpaces help to reduce pollution, host critical habitat for pollinator species, and foster accessibility to nature within our city.


Want to Apply?

Our application is open to all as long as the property is publicly accessible, once implemented the space can have a lifespan of at least 10 years, and the applying party recruits a minimum of 5 GreenSpace committee members.

Do you have any questions about AES Indiana Project GreenSpace? Please get in touch with our GreenSpace Program Manager, Kelly Cook at




Wondering if there's a KIB GreenSpace near you? Check out our map to find current and past projects. We hope to see you outside enjoying the space, taking care of a pocket park, or joining us on a volunteer day!


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