Did you see that plastic water bottle on the side of the road during your morning commute? Or that fast food wrapper blowing in the wind on your way to lunch with a friend? Maybe those cigarette butts littered along the sidewalk during an evening walk with your family? Litter seems to be everywhere and makes for a serious eyesore in our beautiful city. Just look at all of that trash—22 inches deep, to be exact—at Lucas Oil Stadium. Pretty gross.
YOU can help us do something about it.
So far this year, we’re proud to have collected over 800,000 pounds of litter from our streets and sidewalks. Now we stand ready to engage volunteers to clean up an additional 500,000 pounds by the end of this year and surpass last year’s results. But none of this is possible without support from people like you.
So we’re asking for your support—$1 per pound of litter collected, to be exact—to provide vital resources to KIB volunteers -- resources like trash bags, brooms, shovels, and gloves; dumpsters, garbage trucks, and trash disposal; and even computers and software to track progress and make sure that we’re working efficiently.  How many pounds of trash can you help us pick up this year? Show us with your gift below!


Thanks to a generous gift from the Efroymson Family Fund, from now until the end of the year, your gift will be DOUBLED, dollar-for-dollar, up to $50,000. 

Need our Tax ID Number? EIN: 31-1005792