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You Should Know This Person: Jim Poyser, Earth Charter Indiana

Jim poyser_pysk

Jim Poyser is a man of action. There is hardly a day that goes by when he is not visiting a school, planning and hosting and event, or connecting with groups of people to talk about climate change and our role in sustainability. He rides his bike everywhere (including to this interview). He knows everybody. And you should know him.

The former managing editor at NUVO, Poyser has moved on to be the Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading information and organizing efforts to fight climate change in the modern consumerist society. Poyser’s philosophy is to stay positive and make small choices every day, starting immediately. Ride a bike, plant a garden at home. Purchase a solar panel or an electric car. Whatever budget or resources a person has, any investment in sustainable living will pay off right away. “It doesn’t help to be terrified…or to feel guilty or ashamed,” says Poyser.

Jim has done quite a bit in the six months since he’s been at Earth Charter Indiana. He believes that events that celebrate culture through music, art, film are where great connections are made and lessons are learned. Here’s a sampling of the events that Jim and Earth Charter Indiana are planning that you should know about:

Going Green Fest – Indiana State Museum, Friday-Saturday (March 14-15)
A celebration of the youth and their part in sustainability, the Going Green Fest will include a display of student projects from around the city, local documentaries (shown in IMAX!), and a showing of Wall-E (also in IMAX!). There are big plans for this event: by 2015 the Going Green Fest will be organized in part by students and will involve more and more schools. Poyser believes that youth are the answer to the climate crisis, and they are more than capable of making a difference now.

  • Student Day, Eco Science Fair, Friday, March 14
    Students from a half dozen schools will be showcasing their experiments and sustainability solutions, ranging from composting and recycling to living roofs.
  • IMAX Eco Film Fest, Friday, March 14
    Showings of three locally-made documentaries:
  • Everglades of the North: a story of the straightening of the Kankakee River and the draining of millions of acres of wetlands
  • Down to Earth, a film about life as a local farmer, made by Ball State students
  • A locally made film of urban farmers in Indianapolis
  • Family Day, Saturday (Wall-E showing: 3:55pm), March 15

The Ain’t Too Late Show – Indy Fringe Theater, Tuesday, March 18
Every third Tuesday of the month Poyser hosts a climate change game show, complete with a singer, keyboardist and announcer. Attendants can compete for PRIZES FROM DUO’S, LUNA MUSIC and other local businesses.

One Earth, One Party – City Market Catacombs, Saturday, March 29, 7pm-1am
Now in its 10th year, this party celebrating Earth Hour (where the entire world is encouraged to turn off their electricity for one hour) takes place in the Catacombs of City Market. Live music, dancing and poetry are just a few activities that will take place during this celebration. Attendance is expected to reach around ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE, with proceeds going to Earth Charter Indiana ($10 dollar suggested donation).

Do you, or someone you know, have a cool job that helps people and nature thrive? Let us know. We love to highlight awesome work happening all over Indy!