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Work Hard, Be Nice (Sharp Instruments Optional)

How many of you would give a sharp instrument to every employee in your shop at the same time on the same day? What, think we’re out of our gourds at KIB?

Yeah, we did that yesterday afternoon. Knives were distributed in plentiful numbers and we all worked hard, teaming up to carve about 20 pumpkins for this Friday’s Trick or Trees event at KIB.

(Visit our Facebook page to learn more about our beer drinkin’, food truck lovin’ tree education event this week. Come join us!)

We all participated, despite our full plates, taking the time to help our colleagues prepare for a successful event, and reinforcing and recognizing we’re one team—all with important roles to play.

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Over the next couple quarters, KIB is focusing a few hours each month to live the values we’ve identified as central to KIB’s character: teamwork, responsibility, excellence, openness, balance, and joy.

Today we focused on teamwork. Carving pumpkins, we all worked hard to decorate our place for Friday’s event.
Oh, and that part about being nice?

Work hard, be nice” was the USA Today business section headline recently. It came from Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally, who was giving leadership advice to his up and comers at the company.

That struck me as exceptionally important to KIB and to our work.

As a team KIB recognizes both inside and outside our walls everyone can play a crucial role, contributing to a collegial and neighborly culture, and collaborating toward community success.

To work hard… To be nice… To be of service… To seek the best outcome for your neighborhood partner, your funder, your partner, your colleague. Together. That’s the kind of culture and community KIB aspires to carve.