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Wilma Bailey

I am a professor of Hebrew and Aramaic Scripture at Christian Theological Seminary.

What part of town do you live in?
What do you like about it? I live in the northwest side of town near the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I like it because the area is heavily treed and close to where I work.

Where do you like to spend time outdoors? 
Why? I spend time outdoors on the grounds of the IMA, particularly the art and nature park, along the canal uptown and downtown, Holliday Park, state parks (Spring Mill, McCormick’s Creek, Turkey Run and the Dunes are my favorites) and national parks (I hike in Shenandoah regularly and others whenever possible). I brake for parks! I grew up in New York City. I have fond memories of walking to and in nearby city parks with my parents and siblings. I enjoyed being outside but it was not until I started hiking in less tame environments that I became fascinated by nature. Also, as recent studies show (and my body affirms) exercising out of doors is more beneficial than exercising indoors.

What places in Indianapolis inspire you? 
Places in Indianapolis that inspire me include trails 3 and 4 in Holliday Park, the Fall Creek Trail at Ft. Ben, White River Gardens and what I call the “Lake Trail” at the IMA.

Why do you support KIB? 
KIB models ways to be more ecologically responsible in our home and work environments. It creates community by bringing people together to plant and care for trees. It enhances the beauty of the city, cleans the air and makes Indianapolis a more desirable place to live. I appreciate its focus on underserved communities. My impression is that it is a fiscally responsible organization that uses its resources well.

If were describing KIB to a friend, what three words would you use? 
Words that I would use to describe KIB are Ecology, Community, and Education.

What else are you involved in within the community? 
I support the Indianapolis Public Library. I am a member of the Indiana State Museum, the Indiana Historical Society, the IMA and the Indianapolis Hiking Club. I am also involved in Shalom Mennonite Church which is looking into ways to improve its outdoor space.