Legacy Tree

Give the gift of a tree planted in Indianapolis!

When you make a contribution of $100 or more to KIB, we will plant a tree and send a beautiful card to your recipient, to let them know that you’ve supported the planting of a tree in their honor, in celebration, or in memory of a loved one.

Just fill out the form, and then go to Donate Now to process your gift! You will receive a personalized card to present to your gift recipient.

  • How much does each tree cost KIB?
    Each large, native Indiana tree costs $100 on average.
  • Where will the trees be planted?
    Each tree will be planted on Indianapolis public land (in a neighborhood, or park, or right-of-way), to grow and benefit us all.
  • When will trees be planted?
    Trees will be planted in the spring and fall (during KIB’s planting seasons), at regularly scheduled KIB tree planting projects. You are welcome to attend one of our plantings to help plant “your” tree,” and then you can come back to watch it thrive! Go here to view upcoming KIB tree planting projects.
  • Who will plant the trees?
    KIB volunteers will plant the trees.

NoteKIB’s Legacy Tree program does not provide plaques or other memorial items — rather, proceeds of your gift go directly to supporting a beautiful, large, Indiana native tree. KIB cares for trees until they are established, for a 2-3 year period after planting; tree care either occurs through an agreement with our planting project partner, or directly through KIB’s Youth Tree Team, if the tree is in a public place.