Neighborhood Stories

Even though you may not know it, your donation causes a chain reaction of good throughout our Indianapolis community. Here are just a few stories that show the impact of your KIB contribution.

  • Inspiring change

    “When I came to this neighborhood 14 years ago, it was so blighted — windows boarded up, things falling off the houses. . . . Neighbors saw us picking up trash in front of our houses and in front of theirs, and they started doing it too! I got my son involved with cleaning up and beautifying the medians, and the neighbors started working on the medians too!” — Adopt-A-Block participant Claudette Young


  • Uniting neighbors

    Before it was Paige Booker Park, it was an empty, burned lot and community eyesore. The process of transforming the lot into a pocket park with trees, picnic tables, and a playground was a catalyst for change in the neighborhood.

    “This project mobilized our community,” says neighborhood leader Eric Scott. “Residents . . . now feel a sense of community by working together for a common goal and are getting to know each other. When we work together, we can accomplish anything. . . . This is just the beginning of positive change for this area.” — IPL Project GreenSpace recipient Eric Scott