Why Donate

KIB relies upon the generous donations of people like you to continue its mission. We hope you will consider supporting our work to “green up” and clean up Indianapolis!

  • What your donation can do
    What your donation can do

    Every dollar counts. For example:

    • $10 will buy 12 pairs of gloves
    • $15 will buy a flat of annual flowers
    • $30 will buy 2 cubic yards of mulch
    • $75 will buy 4 cubic yards of soil
    • $100 will buy one 8′ tree with 1-2″ trunk width
    • $150 will rent a Bobcat tractor for a day
  • Neighborhood Stories

    Even though you may not know it, your donation causes a chain reaction of good throughout our Indianapolis community. Click here to read a few stories that show the impact of your KIB contribution.

  • Annual Report

    To learn more about KIB’s financial details, projects, and supporters, view our Annual Reports & Financial Info.