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Where to Stash Your Trash, or Don’t be a Chump and Illegal Dump

As you can tell from the title above, deciding on the name of this blog post was difficult; but what shouldn’t be is where to drop off your recycling.

The City of Indianapolis provides 26 drop-off recycling sites (go here for a listing of the locations: At these locations, citizens can recycle:

  • Glass
  • No 1-7 plastic containers (except Styrofoam)
  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Steel beverage and food cans
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Plastic bags (grocery store style)

All recyclables should be removed from non-recyclable plastic trash bags before being deposited in the drop-off containers—this means you!

A complete listing of area recycling drop-off points in Indianapolis is available through the Indiana Recycling Coalition. They have a great mapping tool to find a recycling facility near you.  For more information visit or call 317.632.5915.

Whatever you do, do not do illegal dump!! A more appropriate location for these types of materials would be IN the drop-off bins, at a reuse site such as Goodwill or, as a last resort, at the dump. The City has two dump options:

  • Citizens Transfer Station
    2324 S. Belmont Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46221
    Open Saturday 8am-4pm
    Cost $2-5
  • Southside Landfill
    2561 Kentucky Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46221
    M-F 5am-12pm, Sat 5am-5pm
    Cost $10.50 per carload, $19.50 per pick-up load, per cubic yard for truck load