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What a KIB Volunteer Taught Me
On my second day with KIB, I got to participate in the Fountain Square Neighborhood Cleanup.
When both sun and temperatures were high and the group was seriously sweating from all the action, I asked one of our teams if anyone wanted to help me use our wheelbarrow to bring fellow volunteers water.  Without hesitation, a young volunteer, named Destiny offered to help. Destiny, her mother, and her younger brother were all helping at the cleanup.
I asked Destiny how long she had been partnering with KIB. She said she first experienced KIB as a club kid through KIB’s elementary kid’s clubs many years ago. Destiny has volunteered on cleanups and other projects since then. When I asked her about sports and hobbies, she told me that she runs for her school’s track team to prepare for life after graduation, when she will join the military. I was impressed that at such a young age, Destiny is already actively planning for life after high school.
As we approached groups, Destiny greeted each volunteer with a smile and the question “would you like some water?” When my arms tired of pushing the wheelbarrow, we took turns, and she handled the weight without complaint.
Destiny showed me a clear picture of KIB’s impact on the community. She is a prime example of a youth who has cultivated the skills of hard work, perseverance, and mindfulness. KIB first creates opportunities for young kids to actively care for their environment through KIB Clubs further cultivate a love for their community as they grow and mature throughout their teen years.
Destiny’s KIB story showed just how much is possible through volunteerism, a driving force at KIB.  Thank you Destiny for volunteering and for caring for your community, I can’t wait to see where your future takes you!