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Watering Alert: Week of June 11, 2013

NORMAL: A considerable amount of rain has fallen in Indy!

Most of Indy received the recommended 1-inch of rainfall, so this week watering is optional. Summer is in full swing now and temperatures are projected to rise.  Therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to the amount of precipitation Indy is receiving per week. Trees need 15 gallons of water per week to thrive—especially young trees that are less than 5 years old.

Three basic tips on how to irrigate effectively:
Firstly, water deeply rather than frequently. Deep irrigation will meet a tree’s watering needs for between 10 days to 4 weeks depending on the tree species and soil type. Secondly, stop watering when runoff starts. Water infiltration is slow in compacted soils, therefore it’s most effective to let the water soak in before you begin watering again. And lastly, saturating the soil for long periods of time will suffocate the roots.

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