KIB Ambassadors

Ambassadors extend KIB’s reach and impact in the Indianapolis community through volunteer projects, outreach, event participation, and behind-the-scenes expertise.

  • The KIB Ambassador Commitment

    With a 10 projects per calendar year individual goal, each KIB Ambassador performs a unique combination of tasks month to month. Which of these would you be interested in?

    Volunteer Project Assistance & Sign-in
    Each Saturday KIB has projects all over the city ranging from tree plantings to installing pocket parks. KIB Ambassadors act as greeters at these project sites, welcoming volunteers as they arrive, directing them to sign-in forms, and helping to hand out tools. How does this help KIB? KIB program staff arrive at the project site and can immediately begin preparing for the work volunteers will be doing. A KIB Ambassador focuses on capturing all of the volunteers’ information so we can accurately track hours served, seek feedback, communicate future project info, and improve engagement.

    Booth Events & Community Outreach
    KIB participates in volunteer fairs or other special events with information booths throughout the year. KIB Ambassadors attend these booth events to promote programs such as Community Forestry, Adopt-A-Block, IPL Project Greenspace, and other one-time or seasonal programs. How does this help KIB? KIB staff schedules often don’t allow time for outreach at events during the work week, and our projects typically occur on Saturdays. However, these events help spread the word about KIB and the wonderful projects that we do! Ambassadors further the work of KIB by participating in these events and they have their one-of-a-kind experience as a committed volunteer to share with others.

    Warehouse Work
    With thousands of volunteers each year and all of the various KIB programs, the warehouse can get pretty disorganized. KIB Ambassadors, with the guidance of program staff, help straighten up areas of the warehouse and perform necessary inventories to ensure all the supplies on hand are readily available for staff and volunteers to use. These projects may also include organizing Great Indy Cleanup supplies or packets, compiling kits for Adopt-A-Block coordinators, or doing Trash Box and Recycling Bin inventory. How does this help KIB? People stop by KIB to pick up program supplies on a daily basis. Helping to organize the warehouse spares KIB staff that time so they devote more time to program development.

    Office Assistance
    KIB is always in need of volunteers to help with clerical work in the office. Data entry, stuffing envelopes, supply organization, button making . . . it’s not the most glorious work, but it all has to get done somehow. How does this help KIB? Ambassadors help KIB expedite the mailing process for fundraisers, they keep the in-demand booth supplies stocked, and they save staff time by entering lots of volunteer project records.

    Story Gathering & Photography
    KIB completes hundreds of projects every year working with project partners and other community members to clean up and beautify areas of Indianapolis. We would love to capture everyone’s story about how a project has impacted the community, what volunteers enjoy about working with KIB, and the natural beauty of newly created public places, but we often don’t have enough time to do so. Ambassadors gather images and stories by interviewing volunteers or staff and shed light on the project history and impact that make our work so great! How does this help KIB? With so much happening day in and day out, sometimes we miss amazing individual stories or the seasonal beauty of a greenspace. KIB Ambassadors help capture the stories and successes that inspire us and others in the community who endeavor to keep Indianapolis beautiful.

  • KIB Ambassador Perks
    • Advanced knowledge on community greening in Indianapolis
    • KIB t-shirt, bumper sticker and personalized button
    • Invitation to KIB special events and program socials
    • Discount on KIB workshops and from Green BEAN delivery
    • KIB Ambassador fleece jacket for meeting volunteer project goals within a calendar year
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    KIB Ambassadors are committed volunteers who further promote the mission and spirit of KIB’s work throughout the Indianapolis community. They are a tremendous help to all that we do and essential to fulfilling KIB’s mission. Apply to become a KIB Ambassador today!

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