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Volunteer Spotlight: Francine Stonehouse

Name: Francine Stonehouse


Occupation/Company/Organization/Position: I have been joyfully retired for three years. Prior to retirement, I worked various roles with an electronic medical record system: consultant, trainer, manager, designer. Twenty years with the vendor, then the last five with St. Vincent Hospital.


What neighborhood do you live in? I live in southeast Indianapolis, in the little town of Wanamaker (Post Rd. and I74). I’ve always been a southeast gal, growing up in Beech Grove.


How long have you volunteered with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful?  I have been volunteering with KIB for two and a half years, first (and still) as an Ambassador. I have added Tree Tender to my involvement. I first learned of KIB from a sign at a pocket park near the recycling facility on Mass Ave. I learned about the Master Gardener program from a fellow Ambassador, completing my training last October.


Why do you support KIB?  I have had a lifelong love affair with plants, nurtured by my dear mother and an ex who was a landscaper. Finding KIB has provided me the opportunity to work with nature, to see parts of this city that I did not know existed, to feel a sense of accomplishment in cleaning up and planting trees!

I love all that KIB stands for and does for the various communities, city, and nation. Trees, trees, trees! It’s important for me to give back–and KIB provides so many opportunities to do just that! It’s a pleasure to work people who share your ideals, who are so happy doing what they do.


What else are you involved in within the community?  As of February this year, Second Helpings has been like my second home–another wonderfully giving organization that does so much good for the people of this city. I get to do so many different “jobs” there, which satisfies my inner need for change. My volunteering includes the 500 festival, Liver Walk, INPAWS, State Museum, Irish Fest, Scottish Fair, and WFYI as well


If you were describing KIB to a friend, what three words would you use? Joy, beauty, commitment.