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This Must be the Place

What do these groups have in common?

  • A community ministry on the near eastside building a new LEED standard community center with a greenspace on the New York Ave corridor.
  • A neighborhood association redefining the way people exit the interstate and enter into one of the City’s most historic downtown neighborhoods.
  • A community partnering with a University who is looking to give back and create a large pocket park on the southside.
  • A mid-north neighborhood working to put an actual park in their neighborhood which has the word “park” in their name to create a commonplace for all people in their neighborhood regardless of class.
  • A not-for-profit community organization turning a vacant lot into a nature filled play space for neighborhood children on the west side.
  • And a monastery on the southside working to engage their neighbors and welcome them onto their beautiful campus full of native plants and trees for meditation and enjoyment.

This is the Class of 2014 Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s IPL Project GreenSpace project partners. Moving our selection process up even more than in year’s past, KIB selected these six projects out of 40 incredibly competitive applications through an extensive and long-thought out review process. Our goal? To invest more time into the engagement and design process on the front end, create and build the spaces in the coming year, and develop a long-term maintenance strategy and sustained relationship with these partners to ensure we create functional, beautiful, resilient and distinctive places–community placemaking at it’s core.
Westminster Neighborhood Ministries, Fletcher Place Neighborhood Association, University Heights Neighborhood Association, Historic Meridian Park Neighborhood Association, E.N.G.I.N.E. in the Hawthorne neighborhood and the Sisters of St. Benedict with the Saint Benedict Inn Retreat Center are now all committed to an engagement effort to build upon their sense of place with KIB. These are groups who have adopted their blocks, cleaned their neighborhoods, planted trees, are reconnecting to their waterways, improving their quality of life and have the community involvement and maintenance commitment to move on installing a greenspace.

This is our second year of implementing a community engagement led process, and we are excited about these projects and continuing our relationships with this year’s current project partners. Watching us complete the projects in 2013 is so rewarding to see a space transformed, but also in seeing a community use it. Helping people and nature thrive, IPL Project GreenSpace is advancing that mission.
So as we head into the final part of the year, please join us for a work day, visit our completed 2013 greenspaces, and seek out ways to support and participate in a site that will become a Place coming soon in 2014!

Read more about KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace program here.