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The New Phone Books are Here!

Don’t be a jerk and find the option that works best for you, and the environment.

If you don’t use them, consider opting out of receiving them in the first place!  Check out this link to remove you from the mailing list: Here’s the link to do so.  While you’re online consider opting out of other mail that you don’t want—I’m looking at you Publisher’s Clearinghouse.
The Consumerist has a list of 8 Ways To Opt Out Of Junk Mail Lists and the good folks at Paper Karma have a super cool app that lets you take photos of the unwanted mail you want to stop, and contacts the senders directly—ah, technology!

So back to your phone books; if you have them, you might as well do something good with them—right? Check out AT&T’s Project ReDirectory program.  This program pays local schools for collecting used phone books for recycling.
Last year, Indy schools collected 36 tons of phone books for recycling. The top school, Greenbriar Elementary, won $650 for collecting 8 ½ tons themselves. Drop off phone books for recycling from now until December 16th at one of the eleven participating schools!

And a special kudos to the Indiana Recycling Coalition for coordinating this local event—these folks have a special purpose beyond just phone book recycling!