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The First Tree of the New Year

The first tree of the New Year!

I like to have a tree inside my house during the holidays, but I have never liked having to choose between an artificial tree and a “real” tree (one that had been severed from its roots). Neither option seems great to me, so I buy a live tree, complete with all its roots in a small container. I found a 4 ft. tall Eastern Hemlock for just this purpose. While the tree is inside, the roots need watering every other day, and when the holidays are over, it finds a new home in my yard.

Every year, my wife and I host a New Year’s Day brunch with coffee and food. One of the highlights of this event is planting the Hemlock in the front yard with our friends. The timing of the planting also means that this little Hemlock was the first tree planted in Indianapolis this year–as far as I know.

So if you planted a tree in Indianapolis on New Year’s Day before 11:00 a.m., let me know, and I will gladly cede the honor of “First Tree Planted” to you. And remember, you can always go online andregister any tree that you plant in Marion County to add toward KIB’s NeighborWoods goal—a city-wide initiative to plant 100,000 trees in Marion County by 2017.

Just before the New Year KIB reached 25, 547 trees planted. This new tree will make 25,548!