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The Fence and Coming Full Circle

This summer KIB had the privilege of hosting dozens of volunteers at our headquarters for a different kind of project. Fence weaving wasn’t something any of us knew an ounce about, but once we caught the itch from some folks in Cincinnati we realized the abundance of chain link “canvas” in our yard was begging for attention.

Our friends at Clear Channel generously supplied old billboard material, and we were immediately off spending hours cutting, trying new patterns, and tethering cut strips to the fence with zip ties. Thousands of zip ties. Scissors broke, we tried to domesticate a feral cat. . . . Slowly this very inanimate object came alive. With such simplicity it has become a place, a destination.

Now the end is in sight for our work. With only one more install day remaining (you can sign up to volunteer here) and the project taking its final turn toward the front of our building, I am already starting to miss mornings and afternoons spent at the fence. Those times for me have been about conversation with neighbors, exercising creativity in a new way, meeting friends old and new, and seeing common things differently.

But I am determined to be found at this place with some regularity still. Cup of coffee in hand and ready to practice an open mind, won’t you join me?