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The Best Part of the Job

Working for KIB is the best! The truly altruistic side of me—like any other person who works for a nonprofit—will say that it’s the mission that keeps me jazzed about pulling into the parking lot every morning; but then I think this….


The truth is, this job has the best perks. Not only do I get to meet super cool people from every neighborhood in the city, but I get to help create some of the coolest public places (and keep others clean and green).

So allow me to list all of things that make my job the best:

  1. I get to work in an office that lets you bring your dog to work—a furry assistant is the best assistant;
  2. I get a free lunch whenever a meeting is hosted in our conference room (three cheers for leftovers);
  3. I get to send an email to 16,000 of my closest friends every month to tell them about the awesome stuff KIB has planned—and then see the 3,000 out-of-office replies about their vacay;
  4. I have an entire warehouse of tools at my disposal—shall I ever need a pointed-tip shovel;
  5. If necessary, I can drive a KIB dump truck to an outside meeting or project (yay for a branded fleet);
  6. I have some super co-workers who have skills that blow me away and are gracious enough to teach me some tricks in their spare time (Who’s learning how to drive a stick-shift? This gal!);
  7. I know how to properly, plant, mulch and water a tree (thanks to the four certified arborists on our staff), and I get to share my skills with volunteers every once and while;
  8. In Fountain Square parking is always free—for now;
  9. I get 75 separate high-fives every day, every summer, for 8 weeks from our Youth Tree Team;
  10. I work right across the street from a Dairy Queen and a block away from the best Thai food in town;
  11. When I ride my bike to work I can utilize our shower and locker room (snaps for a certified Bike Friendly workplace)
  12. I get to work in a LEED-certified office (let’s hear it for low VOC paint, dual switch lighting and low-flow toilets);
  13. I can drive a forklift
  14. I can recycle and compost my lunch scraps less than 30 feet from my desk;
  15. Once a year I get to drive a Gator and talk to the entire staff via a headset from 4AM to 6PM;
  16. I get to be on T.V. sometimes;
  17. I have the best wardrobe (a girl can’t have too many organic cotton KIB t-shirts);
  18. The rate at which I can get my hands on more than 150 litter grabbers is scary;
  19. I have a boss that brings in donuts just because sometimes
  20. I get to work Saturdays…once in a while
  21. Every summer I get to play in a ‘cultural’ softball league, and in the off season play pub trivia with the world’s best co-workers;
  22. I get to work at a place supported by tremendously generous donors who believe in our work, and help us complete over 500 community greening projects—every year;
  23. I can call more than 30,000 people friends (kudos to the city’s hardest working volunteers);
  24. Who else has Happy Hour Weeding at their office?; and
  25. I get to work with some of the most creative folks in Indianapolis to make our city great!

While this is only a short list of the perks of my job; every day I’m so grateful to have found a place that lets me do so much good, while still having a blast. What are the perks of your job?