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The Beauty of Community Engagement

IPL Day in the Parks!

You drive by the same grungy, old park everyday on your way to work, barely noticing its existence. But today, you stop and observe. The ground needs cared for, the non-existent trees need planted and the benches need a fresh coat of blue paint. Suddenly, you are inspired. You are inspired to embark in something great, something beautiful, something empowering. You have a vision and you are eager to make that vision a reality.

It all starts with an idea, a revelation if you will, and it grows from there. In 1976, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (formerly known as Indianapolis Clean City) had a vision of helping people and nature thrive, and they’ve done just that. Since getting their start, KIB partnerships have grown rapidly and community engagement has flourished. In 2012 alone, KIB worked with more than 30,000 volunteers on over 600 community projects.

Today, KIB has once again partnered up with Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) and Indy Parks and Recreation to transform a number of parks into beautiful places for all to enjoy. Although the day got started at 7:00 A.M. with temperatures reaching into the 90’s, the outcome will most definitely trump the exhaustion. Here, we see a community that cares deeply for one another; a community that believes in a better quality of life.

It’s just another day of volunteers and KIB staff coming together, lending smiles, offering conversation and working to help beautify our city. A process that is alluring and captivating. Nature carries with it not only beauty, but also potential and possibilities. And when people bare witness to those possibilities, beautiful things can happen.