Our Staff
Joseph Jarzen

Joseph is the Vice President of Program Strategy at KIB. He joined the KIB team in 2011 as Director of Community Engagement to focus on building neighborhood capacity with KIB’s projects. As Vice President of Program Strategy, Joseph will lead the strategic growth within our organization and deepen KIB’s impact by developing existing and new initiatives with an outcomes based focus. Joseph will over see the IPL Project Greenspace, KIB Clubs, Great Indy Cleanup, and Community Engagement programs.

A beautiful place in Indy would be…

A restored parkway system throughout the City that promotes the beautiful natural environment that compliments the historic character of the neighborhoods that these urban byways pass through. The parkway system is more than just a corridor for transportation, but a resource to the city that is a destination and economic tool for improving quality of life.

3 Words that describe KIB

Grassroots-driven, environmental, advocates