Our Staff
Jenny Skehan

Jenny has been at KIB since 2010 and handles all of our books, budgets, financial statements and human resources, as well as a few odds and ends such as building maintenance and tenant management.  Jenny is on call to answer program staff questions about budget and expenses.  Although Jenny’s skill and expertise is accounting, she does enjoy the occasional day when she gets to lead a tree planting project, drive a gator or lead a team of volunteers in weeding the KIB grounds.  After all, variety is the spice of life!

A beautiful place in Indy would be…

Murals, murals and more murals.  Current favorites are the new mural at Delaware and South Street, one of 2013’s Lilly Day of Service projects.  Another favorite is Wishful Thinking at Virginia and Prospect, on the side of the Murphy Arts Building.  And all-time favorite is Carl Leck’s Trivergence at the East 10th St. Gateway.  That mural puts a smile on your face every time you drive by.

3 Words that describe KIB

Passion, creativity and dedication!