Our Staff
David Forsell

David is the President of Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. He’s been president of KIB since 2003. In that time, KIB has launched its nationally-recognized NeighborWoods and Youth Tree Team programs; the Lilly Day of Service; and redeveloped a vacant and contaminated warehouse into its green headquarters—one might even say the best office in Indy (well, we would for sure). For Dave, every day is definitely different, but he’s always focused on how KIB can grow its impact for people, communities and the environment.

A beautiful place in Indy would be…

I am so pumped about the incredible work happening along Fall Creek Parkway, from 38th Street to Senate Avenue. 30 acres of invasives are gone; and 40,000 native plants, a couple hundred trees, and native rye grasses are getting established in their stead. And you can see the creek! And how about Fletcher Park, a small space in Windsor Park—there, history, culture, arts and environment are merging to create a great neighborhood gateway and gathering place.

3 Words that describe KIB

Life. Sustaining. Landscapes.