Our Staff
Bob Neary

Bob Neary is KIB’s Staff Geographer. All of the wonderful programmatic activities of KIB are archived in our Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which is an technical way of saying KIB maps everything it does.  (Nerd alert!)  He recently developed a python© code to automate some of KIB’s more arduous cartographic reporting. Sometimes he gets out of the office to project manage one or two of KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpaces each year, helping to spark some amazing things come to life in Indy’s incredible neighborhoods.

A beautiful place in Indy would be…

The other day I saw a small vacant lot tucked away in a beautiful corner of an indistinguishable neighborhood.  There were 18 foot poles with hops growing on them, bearded men drinking beer while harvesting a patch of rye, and home brewers taking welding classes next door in hopes of a perfect custom brew stand.  It was literally a beer garden… Alas, I was day-dreaming of things again as I run up the new Fall Creek Trail from Central and Fall Creek to Fort Ben.

3 Words that describe KIB

Smile with nature