Our Staff
Ashlee Wilson Fujawa

Ashlee is the Director of Public Relations at KIB. She has been with us since 2010 setting direction for all things creative in the marketing and communications field. She works closely with the programs staff and the media to highlight the amazing things that KIB is doing all over Indy and beyond. You’ll find her most days toiling away at social media, drafting press releases, organizing events, and planning, developing and implementing all of the KIB’s marketing strategies, and public relations activities; but if you look closely you might find her in the warehouse or driving a dump truck—all in the name of keeping Indy beautiful.

A beautiful place in Indy would be…

I always look forward to the drive to the Indy Airport along I-70. The 1,600 trees and more than 72,000 perennials and shrubs, which were all planted in one day, along with the super cool public art really highlight this major corridor into the city. Before working at KIB I always wondered: What’s with the gum drops in the tall grass—and now I know, it’s a Greener Welcome!

3 Words that describe KIB

Just the best!