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Class of 2017 Public GreenSpace Recipients Selected for Transformation by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful

INDIANAPOLIS – (September 27, 2015) Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. (KIB) announced today that three new community greenspace projects have been awarded as part of KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace program for 2017. KIB received numerous applications were submitted for the program, showing the desire for community greenspace in our city. Through placemaking efforts since 1995, KIB, in partnership with Indianapolis Power … Read more

Field of Flags, Tree Flags That Is

If you drive past the Shadeland and English interchange, you will notice hundreds of tiny white flags flapping in the breeze. If you look closer, you will see each one is labeled with the name of a tree species. It is a sign of the immense impact volunteers will have on Thursday, September 29 for the Lilly Global Day of Service. … Read more

The Black Market of Nectar Robbing

Nectar robbing is the practice of an organism piercing or biting though the corolla (petal) of a flower and directly gathering nectar rather than entering the flower through the natural opening.  This result is a quicker drink of nectar and also typically bypasses the pollination process as nectar robbing causes the animal to avoid the reproductive parts of the flower.   … Read more

Dust Off That 70’s Chic Vibe for Thrive

The 1970s were the decade of rock ‘n’ roll, platform shoes, Charlie’s Angels, the Electric Slide, disco balls … and the ground-breaking, litter-abating Indianapolis Clean City Committee — Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s name when we were founded 40 years ago in 1976. In case you haven’t heard, we’re celebrating 40 years of keeping Indianapolis clean, green, and beautiful with a boogie-down, … Read more

KIB’s first city-wide Pollinator Count Week provides baseline insight of Indianapolis’ pollinator health

INDIANAPOLIS – (August 31, 2016) Citizen scientists across the Indianapolis area answered Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.’s (KIB) call to join up in the first citywide Pollinator Count Week to measure the health of pollinators and greenspaces. The weeklong, crowdsourced data collection project aimed to engage residents in the important work of gathering information to help guide conservation and restoration efforts, … Read more