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Indy Pollinators are Blazing the Holiday Skyline: Keep Indianapolis Beautiful presents the “Red, White, & #KIBees” Challenge for the 4th of July


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s #KIBees pollinators! The search is on this summer as Keep Indianapolis Beautiful presents the “Red, White, & #KIBees” contest. Indy pollinators take the stage during the 4th of July and have a few surprises up their sleeves. From July 2 – 6 we want your Pollinator Count efforts at an all-time high. Why? To raise awareness about the pollinators and native plants that make our ecosystem shine. The week-long contest will test Indy’s creativity and citizen scientist skills by encouraging everyone to spend time in local IPL Greenspaces, Indy Parks, neighborhood gardens, and backyards.


We know what you’re asking: “Where can I sign up?” Visit to find a full list of resources and instructions that will be important for your count. On the KIB Resources page you’ll find access to download Pollinator Toolkits, an iNaturalist guide, and directions to different locations in Indy buzzing with pollinators.


But wait, it gets even better! Each day of the contest KIB will select three outstanding participants to win prizes from Sun King Brewery or BRICS Ice Cream for completing the challenge by sharing the most festive, pollinator-filled photos.


Want in on the buzz? The goal is simple: Step out to your local greenspace, conduct pollinator counts, and light up the web with blazing beauties for all of Indy to recognize these sparkling superheroes during your holiday festivities!


How to get started

  1. Make your way to a KIB greenspace, Indy park, or your own backyard
  2. Photograph a different pollinator on each of the following 3 native plants:
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Dense Blazing Star
  • Common Milkweed
  1. Conduct a 4-minute pollinator count
  2. Record each pollinator count using the iNaturalist app or a KIB Pollinator Count Data Sheet
  1. Post 3 photos of native Indiana pollinators tagging @kibiorg with #KIBees and #RWKIBees on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram


Supplies needed:

  • iNaturalist app
  • Pollinator Count Data Sheet
  • Local KIB IPL Project GreenSpace or neighborhood park


Need some help finding Pollinator Count material and locations? Visit to find everything needed to make it sparkle this Red, White & #KIBees!