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Rich Blaiklock

Attorney/Lewis Wagner, LLP/Partner

What neighborhood do you live in? 
Sweetwater Estates (75th & Dean area)

What is the most inspiring place in Indianapolis?    
The downtown canal.  There’s nothing better than a run, walk, or bike ride on the canal, enjoying the landscaping; the interesting mix of buildings, artwork, and monuments; and the downtown views.

How long have you supported Keep Indianapolis Beautiful?   
About a year.

Why do you support KIB? 
Great mission; great leadership; great mission execution.

What impact do you feel that the work with KIB has on the community?
I’m not much of a green thumb, so helping KIB with legal issues allows me to help KIB protect its “off the field” activities.

What else are you involved in within the community? 
Nothing at the moment other than KIB.  I try to support organizations I have been involved with in the past.

Why would you encourage others to support KIB? 
It is a well-run organization with very forward-looking and deeply committed leadership who will effectively use whatever treasure or talents you have to offer.

 If you were describing KIB to a friend, what three words would you use?
Green.  Active.  Committed.