KIB Clubs

Helping Kids Create Vibrant Places Where They, Their Neighbors, and the Natural World Thrive!

  • Why kids need nature
    Why kids need nature

    Children are young members of their communities, and it is our intention to help them grow into active, caring leaders of those communities.  KIB Clubs aims to create the next generation of environmental stewards by fostering appreciation of the physical, social and psychological value of green spaces in young children when they are first forming critical life values.  It is our hope that if they develop a connection to nature at a young age, they will carry it with them throughout their lives, back to their families, and out into their communities.

  • How we can help
    All about team work. Verizon employees team up with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the BDU Eco-Club to plant 13 trees at Ben Davis University. Friday, November, 8, 2013. (Photo by Alan Petersime)
    How we can help

    The KIB clubs program is a three-year partnership between KIB and the school, during which time KIB will provide opportunities for environmental education, allowing students to develop an appreciation for environmental sciences in connection to their every-day lives. KIB will also create functional, beautiful and meaningful outdoor spaces that will serve as tools to supplement the education portion of the program. All while helping the school to connect with its surrounding community by engaging neighbors, local organizations, and businesses.

  • Your School's Committment

    Schools who are interested in supporting a KIB club must fulfill the following requirements:

    • School staff – Your KIB Club must have a primary facilitator to lead the club, a member of administrative staff in support of the club, and be willing to engage members of your surrounding community.
    • Time – The club must commit to meeting at least twice a month either during school hours or as an after-school activity.
    • Maintenance - The school must commit to maintaining the outdoor spaces created with KIB in the fall and spring months which may include watering trees and plant material, mulching, weeding and other maintenance needs that are identified.
    • Education - The club will allow a KIB staff member to lead three environmental education lessons for students per school year of the clubs commitment.
  • What KIB provides
    • KIB will serve as a resource for environmental education programming, leading hands-on lessons for students and connecting schools with experts in various environmental fields.
    • The Club will choose from a menu of environmental topics to decide what their education focus will be for the year.  All programs contribute to the fulfillment of Indiana’s Common Core Standards (INCC) for various grade levels.
    • KIB will help you work with a landscape architect to design a master landscape plan for the school.  Parts of the plan will be completed each year with the help of students and volunteers.  Although KIB may not be able to complete all aspects of the plan during the three-year partnership, the design is the school’s to keep.
    • KIB will work with the school to identify specific maintenance needs, such as watering, that we will assist with, as well as schedule follow-up workdays to bring the tool trailer and volunteers.  These steps will help provide a transition time for the schools to become oriented to maintenance needs and schedules.
    • Our community engagement coordinators will help the school build support from within the school as well as its surrounding neighborhood to ensure the use and sustainability of the outdoor spaces.
  • How to apply
    How to apply

    The process to create and establish a greenspace at your school requires long-term commitment and engagement from many in your school. Applications will be available in early September, and if accepted, your efforts will result in a beautiful vibrant space that your school will care for and celebrate in for years to come.

    Apply Here
  • 2014 KIB Clubs

    Schools commit to a multi-year partnership with KIB to ensure project success and sustainability. Click below for more information about a club near you or contact Heather Maurer to learn more about how you can partner with KIB to launch a local club.

  • Why Outdoor Learning is Important
    Why Outdoor Learning is Important

    Connecting kids to nature is super important, the health and well-being benefits are through the roof! Check out our resources page for tips, research and ideas all relating to helping (young) people and nature thrive.

    We’ve complied a comprhensive list of resources and links that is growing everyday. Click here to learn more for additional youth and education resources.

  • Sponsors

    KIB Clubs would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, including: the City of Indianapolis and Lilly Endowment. Other generous KIB Clubs supporters include: Amos W. Butler Audubon Society,Arthur Jordan Foundation, Johnson Controls, The North Face Planet Explore Fund, and the Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation.