8250 Spring Mill Road, Indianapolis, IN 46260

Spring Mill Elementary School

  • About this club
    About this club

    Part of KIB’s brand new Class of 2015, the Spring Mill Elementary KIB Club is full of students ready to get outside and make a difference! This enthusiastic group of nature explorers have already made “Earth Month” posters to hang around the school so that their fellow classmates will know what they can do to take care of our environment!

  • The Design Process
    The Design Process

    Excited about re-vamping their outdoor laboratory area, a space that has been forgotten for years, club members have spent quality time brainstorming how the space can be best used and enjoyed by the entire school.  Thanks to their brilliant ideas, Hitchcock Design Group has been able to come up with a beautiful and cohesive design for the club to begin implementing this spring!

  • What Club Students are Learning
    What Club Students are Learning

    Spring Mill club students are beginning their environmental education by learning about the many benefits that trees provide our city.  Currently, they are focusing on trees as habitats for animals, and have even drawn some ideal tree homes for various types of wildlife found around their school!