7001 Johnson Road, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Skiles Test Elementary

  • About this Club
    About this Club

    Skiles Test Elementary students are no strangers to getting their hands dirty!  Before forming their KIB Club, students had already put tons of work into planting trees all over school grounds and creating a beautiful “teaching garden” where they now grow a variety of fresh vegetables.  Club students meet weekly to get outside and maintain what they have planted as well as to explore the beautiful wooded area that sits on the north and east portion of campus.

  • The Design Process

    With the Teaching Garden complete, students are ready to tackle the school’s most precious asset: five acres of wooded land on the edge of school grounds.  Skiles Test has a vision of creating a unique and inviting eco-trail throughout the woods that will encourage students, parents and neighbors to explore this serene natural area.  Check out Hitchcock Design Group’s landscape plan to help Skiles Test achieve their goal!

  • What the students are learning
    What the students are learning

    What better way for Skiles Test students to get to know their woods than to deeply explore through Geocaching? The club has been using this fun “treasure-hunt” activity to investigate their campus and find hidden items camouflaged in nature!