Paul I. Miller School 114

  • About this Club
    About this Club

    This club is full of students passionate about recycling, planting, and composting!  Every spring and fall they get outside to complete various environmental projects while getting their neighborhood engaged.  Leaders Dana Williams and Patricia Bosley run the school’s KIB Club, and are always coming up with new ways for their kids to explore nature!

  • Vision for the Campus
    Vision for the Campus

    School 114 students have put in countless hours creating their beautiful and unique “Wildcat Woods” – a mini forest right in front of the school building. And they didn’t stop there: volunteers helped plant over 20 trees throughout the school campus as well as build, plant and harvest a vegetable garden.   School 114 also acquired a worm compost bin and a rain barrel from Circle City Rain Barrels and now has a more sustainable method of maintaining its trees and gardens.