2805 S Lynhurst Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46201 (Wayne Township)

Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center

  • About this Club
    About this Club

    Christopher Moore, Social Studies teacher at Lynhurst 7th and 8th Grade Center, is the sponsor for the Lynhurst Environmental Action Posse (LEAP).  LEAP is an environmental and socially responsible group that partners with local organizations to ensure constant success to those they serve in the community.  This KIB-official club meets weekly to discuss various environmental topics based on a comprehensive environmental curriculum and to help maintain their ever-growing outdoor spaces.

  • Vision for the Campus
    Vision for the Campus

    The club envisions a campus where students, faculty, parents and community members can all enjoy a serene environment filled with trees, plants and outdoor gathering spaces.

    Already underway is a beautiful picnic area on the northwest side of the school building for parents and students to enjoy the shade and comfort of Indiana native trees.  Additionally, the Lynhurst KIB Club decided to re-vamp their concession building near the baseball diamond by adding a native plant garden as well as an artistic mural.

    Currently in progress is a beautiful veteran’s garden, a unique endeavor which the school hopes to use as a way to engage its surrounding neighbors.  Check out the design process below!

  • The Design Process
    The Design Process

    Thanks to a fantastic design by Chad Lothamer of Hitchcock Design Group, LEAP has had several successful 2014 work days, kicking off the new veteran’s garden on the north side of the school.  The veteran’s garden is aimed at honoring parents and surrounding community members who have served in the armed forces.  It will provide the school and neighborhood a place to relax and reflect on the many sacrifices these veterans have given.  Lots of native plants will make up five divisions of the garden, each honoring a different branch of service.  Natural seating, trees, and a walkway will make for an inviting space into the garden, and LEAP is engaging with Veterans organizations to help as volunteers for this project.

  • Special Thanks

    In September 2013, students from IUPUI School of Engineering planted a beautiful native plant garden and gave all of the thirsty trees a drink of water.  They also mulched a pathway into the school’s picnic area

    In May 2013, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office planted 13 trees in the school’s picnic area.

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