6150 Gateway Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46254 (Washington Township)

Jonathon Jennings School 109

  • About this club
    About this club

    Led by school principal Kevin McMahan, the School 109 KIB Club meets twice a month and maintains their current outdoor spaces by watering, weeding and occasionally adding more plants.  The club also participates in fun outdoor activities including scavenger hunts, landscape designing and learning about native plants.  The club attracts nearly 30 students and is always welcoming more!

  • Vision for the Campus
    Vision for the Campus

    The School 109 KIB Club has worked hard to make their campus an inviting place for all students, school staff and neighbors.  The 23 large trees they planted will provide shade for years to come as visitors stroll along the track on the north side of the school before stopping to enjoy the garden near the front entrance of the school.  Here, they can learn about a variety of native plants designed to attract native wildlife.

    Additionally, the school decided to pioneer a nature playground where natural elements will help students learn from, and engage with, their natural surroundings while playing.  These types of playgrounds have proven to help young children develop many important skills including greater spatial awareness and balance. Not to mention they act as a super fun way for kids to intereact with each other!


    Play the slideshow below to see photos from School 109 work days!

  • Special Thanks

    In September 2013, Bose McKinney & Evans planted a beautiful native plant garden and gave all of the thirsty trees a drink of water.

    In June 2013, a Roche group, Genentech, returned to the school to water all of the thirsty trees planted.

    In May 2013, Roche Diagnostics planted 23 large trees on the school campus.

    In June 2012, volunteers from BMO Bank helped spread over 80 tons of gravel to form the fitness track.

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