Center for Inquiry 2

725 North New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

  • About this Club
    About this Club

    CFI students have been participating in “green” initiatives for some time so forming a KIB Club was a perfect next step for them!  Not only does the school have a student recycling team, it also has been raising worms for the past year and a half in student-created vermiculture systems!  This nifty process reduces the school’s garbage from its fresh fruit and vegetable snack program as well as naturally fertilizes their gardens with worm compost tea brewed by students.

  • The Design Process
    The Design Process

    CFI staff members have long been trying to utilize the school’s outdoor space for teaching, gardening and exploration.  Thanks to Hitchcock Design Group, the school now has a creative and comprehensive landscape plan to connect, and maximize the use of, the school’s green spaces.

  • What the Students are Learning
    What the Students are Learning

    Together, students are documenting their observations of nature: characteristics of different trees on school grounds, what type of animals inhabit them, and how they can be used as a source of food.  Students also spend part of their club time working in their vegetable garden to get it more established and ready for planting!