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Ben Davis University High School

  • About this club
    About this club

    Led by business teacher Patrick Burtch, the KIB Club at Ben Davis University High School, has been underway for some time now as the Eco Club.  They meet 2-3 times a month and strive to make BDHUS a more sustainable and eco-friendly school.  The club’s main focus is to grow and maintain the urban farm on the school campus and serve as the liaison between the school and the community while dealing with all matters “green.”  Their goal is to raise awareness of environmental degradation through education and environmental activism throughout the school and community.

  • Vision for the Campus
    Vision for the Campus

    After planting trees all over the school campus and establishing a thriving vegetable garden, students decided they were ready to take on a new challenge of caring for a fruit tree orchard. With volunteers from Verizon, students planted Indiana native species including paw paw, persimmon, witchhazel, and American plum trees, as well as three new shingle oaks to provide some shade. The KIB Club is now maintaining the trees and looking forward to their next project in 2014! Play the slideshow at the top of the page to view photos from the fruit tree planting and other work days!

  • Special thanks

    Special Thanks to the Verizon Foundation for its multi-year support of the KIB Club at Crispus Attucks High. Grant funds have supported tree planting at the school, and a model energy conservation project with the high school students. In November 2013, volunteers from Verizon worked alongside students to plant a fruit tree orchard on the school grounds.

    In April 2012, volunteers from Praxair helped plant native trees throughout the school campus.

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    Continued success of KIB Clubs depends on our sponsors and individuals like you. Consider donating to Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.