Avondale Meadows Academy

  • About this club
    About this club

    Led by school science teacher Andrew Distelrath, the students at AMA take pride in the many beautiful spaces they have created around their campus.  Students take full responsibility of the maintenance of their gardens and trees, and often invite members from the school’s surrounding community to help as well.  The effort has been well worth it, as AMA boasts vibrant and environmentally-friendly school grounds!

  • Vision for the Campus
    Vision for the Campus

    AMA students have transformed large sections of unused turf into a beautiful rain garden, a substantial fruit tree orchard, a peaceful reading garden filled with native plants, and an extra 55 native Indiana trees around campus.  Each space contributes to the improvement of the environment as well as to the aesthetic of the neighborhood for all to enjoy.  The club is now on to their next project of creating a quarter-acre vegetable garden!

  • Special Thanks
    Special Thanks

    For three years, Ernst & Young helped to create the beautiful spaces at AMA through their annual EY Connect Day.  KIB and AMA are so grateful for their hard work and support!