KIB GreenKids

Creating the Next Generation of Environmental Stewards!

***This program was formerly referred to as KIB Clubs***

  • Why kids need nature
    Photo by Linda Evans - JCC Earth Day
    Why kids need nature

    In a world of ever-advancing technology, demanding schedules and more school time spent indoors, many children today find themselves disconnected from the natural world. The truth is that spending time outdoors in nature has been proven to be beneficial for children in almost all parts of their life.  Not only does it help prevent obesity, reduce stress and build self-esteem, it can also help increase focus inside of the classroom, as well as improve cognitive functions, social skills, leadership and collaboration.

    Check out the research and see for yourself the health and well-being benefits of connecting children to nature!

  • How we can help
    Jonathon Jennings School 109 KIB GeenKids space (Photo by Luke Tate)
    How we can help

    The KIB GreenKids program is a two-year partnership between KIB and your school, during which time KIB will help build an outdoor classroom right on school grounds for students to experience!  The outdoor classroom will consist of three main areas that will each be supplemented with environmental education programming:

    • Native Plant Garden
    • Fruit Tree Orchard
    • Nature Play Area

    These three spaces, help us reach KIB’s greater mission of helping people and nature thrive.  Each space helps to improve the environment and connect children to nature so that they may enjoy its many proven benefits while fostering an appreciation of the physical, social and psychological value of the natural environment when they are first forming critical life values.  Take a look at some of our previous and ongoing school partnerships!

  • How to become a GreenKids School
    How to become a GreenKids School

    Applications for 2019 school partnerships will be available in September 2018.

    Before submitting your application, be sure to read all about the details of the GreenKids program, including your school’s commitment, in our KIB GreenKids Partnership Information Packet.



    Apply Online Now
  • Other Ways we can help
    Other Ways we can help

    Past Project Partners:

    • Alumni Club: Past project partners can join our Alumni Club to network, share resources, and stay in touch with KIB. Find out more info at the GreenSpace Alumni Club Facebook page.
    • Stewardship Assistance Program (SAP): Past project partners active in our Alumni Club are encouraged to apply for a reimbursable grant, up to $500, to help complete maintenance and other projects at their schools. Partners can apply here for 2018.
    • Media – If you are currently a GreenKids school, you can find media resources here.

    Not ready yet to for an official GreenKids program at your school?

    There are plenty of other ways we can help you get your kids outside and learning about nature!  Check out our Youth & Education Resources page for outdoor activities, links to curriculum guides and other youth and nature related initiatives around the city of Indianapolis.  This comprehensive list is growing every day!


  • Sponsors

    KIB GreenKids would not be possible without the support of our sponsors, including: City of Indianapolis, Robert & Toni Bader Charitable Foundation, Junior League of Indianapolis, Lions Club of Indianapolis Downtown, Arthur Jordan Foundation, Kiwanis Foundation of Indianapolis, US Environmental Protection Agency, Indiana Department of Natural Resources