What does being in YTT mean to you…?

“Being in YTT is more than a job to me. YTT is about making new friends, learning how to take better care of my community and enjoying nature.” – Aaliyah 

“Being in YTT means that I am an asset to my community. I feel like I am making a giant contribution to the environment.” – Aariana

“Being in YTT means that I have been given a great opportunity to make new friends and make the environment a better place for everyone.”       – Adrian

“By being in YTT, it means that I’m a part of recreating Indy’s aspect on nature.” – Adrian

“YTT means quite a lot, I work my hardest daily knowing there is a great change being made and positive energy spreading throughout the city.” – Ahmad

“YTT to me means having fun while making a lasting difference in Indianapolis.” – Alice

“YTT to me means family. The people that I work with and interact with daily are like my second family. I couldn’t live without them.” – Alyssa

“YTT means spending time in the great outdoors, working hard, and getting to know a fun group of people. It’s an exciting and also challenging experience and I have learned a lot through it!” – Anne

“YTT to me means another day to have fun with my family of 85…or half of that…I think?” – Anthony

“Being part of the YTT is very important to me. It allows me to make a difference in the environment for the current and future generations.”     – Anthony

“Being in the Youth Tree Team means to me that it is my sole responsibility to ensure that trees planted by us will prosper and grow to outlive me.” – Antonio

“YTT means a sense of belonging. I can walk in and just feel welcome.”    – Cullen

“YTT means helping out the community and environment, while learning valuable life lessons and meeting new people.” – Danny

“To me, being in YTT means that I am making a difference in my community while being able to enjoy nature and the world around me.” – David

“YTT means helping our city and setting positive examples to the youth about helping our community.” – David

“From the great purpose, to the great people. From the hard work, to the crazy amount of fun we have. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be a part of the YTT family.” – Eric

“YTT gives me the opportunity to serve alongside a diverse people who all have a common passion to love their community.” – Essence

“YTT means bringing together an awesome group of people to make Indianapolis a better community.” – Hannah

“YTT means I have a chance to make a difference in my community and help make Indianapolis beautiful.” – Hunter

“YTT means that you are taking on the task of solidifying yourself as an active member of society who aims to benefit the world around him both environmentally and economically.” – Isaac

“YTT is an opportunity to be around people who have a desire to better the community and by doing so they better themselves.” – Jacob

“YTT has given me the opportunity to meet lots of new and awesome people and has helped me learn more about the community I live in.”      – Jena

“YTT means starting my day the nature way. #KIBstrong” – Jenny

“YTT means seeing parts of the city that I would otherwise never visit, while improving the health of the Indianapolis environment and community.” – Joe

“YTT means not only helping trees grow and prosper but helping yourself grow and prosper.” – Josh

“YTT means so much to me. This is actually what I want to do in life. I want to help the earth and YTT has given me a chance to do that.”          – Kiara

“Going to the International School, I’ve been surrounded and helped my many different people of many different ethnicity. Some jobs target only a certain audience, but planting trees helps everyone no matter where they come from, because everyone needs trees to survive.” – Klaus

“YTT means being able to be myself, while changing the world. This program has done so much for the youth like me and I love every single one of them.”  – LaNasha

“Being in YTT means getting to give back to my community and make it a better place for my daughter.” – Libby

“Being in YTT means a lot to me because it is not just a job, it is an escape from the usual people I hang around.” – Malik

“YTT means working together as a group while learning and making a difference with trees.” – Mariama

“YTT is a positive force. It tells me that someone is willing to give me an opportunity to show that I am not a bad kid and that I can be trusted to care for my community.” – Marissa

“Being in YTT means I can help both the trees and people around me grow to their full potential.” – Megan

“YTT means being part of a team that is dedicated to improving the environment.” – Michael I.

“This is simply the best way I can think of spending my summer. I only wish that I could do even more with the YTT every year.” – Michael S.

“YTT means going to work every day and loving what I do with people that I enjoy spending time with.” – Naat

“YTT means working hard as a team to help keep our city beautiful!”      – Natalie

“Being in YTT means different things to different people. To me it means improving one’s city, neighborhood, and self.”  – Newton

“YTT means teamwork, learning, friendship, leadership and most of all FUN! This program benefits our communities and helps us grow into smarter and stronger individuals.” – Olivia

“YTT means that I’m helping out the future environment that I and my future family will be living in.” – Pandora

“Being in YTT means to learn how to be selfless and know that by helping the Earth now, you are creating a better world for you and everyone around you.” – Prayyer

“YTT means bringing a great opportunity for growth to the youth in our own community.” – Rachel

“YTT means being in a leadership role and helping improve the environment for the future and in the present.” – Raven

“YTT means working together as a collective team to teach, motivate and inspire people about our surrounding community.” – Senayet

“YTT means having extra family while working to make the environment better and have fun!” – Shaine

“YTT is something that gave me the opportunity to do things that I love with the people that I love.” – Syx

“YTT is a place to build teamwork and friendships all while you learn about nature and help out a cause.”  – Thomas

“YTT means coming together as a group of individuals to work together to give back to our environment.” – Tia

“Being in YTT means that we have the opportunity to change our surroundings. With a little man power we can unite our community with nature.” – Tiarra

“YTT means building and helping the community grow!” – Tracie

“YTT means working together showing teamwork, working hard, and having fun!” – Tyler

“Being in YTT means being able to take charge where it is needed. It allows me to feel grown up because I can finally be able to take charge in something. YTT helps build friendships that will last a lifetime.”            – Tyisha

“YTT means a job where I as an individual can make a difference.”          – Wences

“YTT means that I have the chance to be surround by people like me who care, strive, and are determined to change something.” – William

“YTT is an amazing experience for any high school kid. I love my co-workers and what I get from doing my job.” – Zoe