• Know a high-schooler looking for a summer job?

    We need responsible, motivated and team-oriented Indy youth to join KIB’s Youth Tree Team!

    Earn a paycheck and receive some serious resume building enrichment while making a difference in your city—all while having fun!

    Youth Tree Team is KIB’s seven-week summer job program for currently enrolled high school students (and adult leaders) who are interested in improving their community through improving their environment. You will learn not only how to properly plant and maintain trees, but also hone valuable skills like professionalism, environmental responsibility, financial management and team building.

    Oh, and you’ll be able to do other fun stuff like camping, rafting and networking with Indy professionals!

    Every year, Youth Tree Team members water around 10,000 KIB trees each week—by hand (that means you have to be able to carry at least 80lbs)!

    Let us know you're interested