Youth Tree Team (YTT)

The YTT is a seven-week summer job for high school students who are interested in improving their community through tree care.


  • Why we are connecting youth with the urban forest

    The Youth Tree Team (YTT) works to preserve and maintain the trees KIB plants through our Community Forestry program. YTT seeks to promote professionalism, respect, personal and environmental responsibility, and teamwork in today’s high school students. We work outdoors to water, mulch, prune, stake, and plant trees. Other duties include consistent attendance and punctuality, weeding, litter clean-up, working harmoniously with team members, follow crew leader directions, participating fully in enrichment activities, filling out work logs and other duties as assigned. Along with daily work activities, YTT participates in weekly enrichment activities including, a wilderness camping trip, learning financial management skills, networking with green-collar professionals, and rafting on the White River. All of this combined with hard work helps us connect Indy youth to the environment and each other, fostering a commitment to service and cultivating lasting friendships and a connecting to their community.

  • Meet the 2017 Youth Tree Team

    This select group of Indy youth works throughout the summer to water and maintain trees in the city. As you are driving through the city, give the YTT a friendly honk, and thank them for their hard work to keep Indy’s trees looking good! 2017 Youth Tree Team Role Call >>>

  • How to be a part of ytt
    How to be a part of ytt

    Along with daily work activities, the YTT does weekly enrichment activities, including camping, rafting, learning financial management skills, and networking with green-collar professionals. The 2018 Summer Youth Tree Team will work Monday through Thursday from June 11 to July 26, 20 hours per week (5 hours per day, 4 days per week) watering, staking and mulching trees all over Marion County. Lunch is provided each day at no cost for the youth and the beginning pay rate is $8.00 an hour. ADULTS looking for summer employment with our Youth Tree Team can serve as leaders helping to guide and oversee the work YTT carries out each year. To apply for an adult position, please click here.


  • Your Commitment
    Your Commitment
    • YTT applicants must currently be enrolled in high school to participate.
    • Candidates must possess the following characteristics: initiative, professionalism, respect, interest in the environment, pride in your work, responsibility, and the ability to work well with a team.
    • YTT participants work 20 hours/week (5 hours per day, 4 days per week) to to water, mulch, prune, stake, and plant trees.
    • Duties include consistent attendance and punctuality, weeding, litter clean-up, heavy lifting, filling out work logs, and other duties as assigned.
    • Fill out the initial application form and then complete the three-step application process.
  • What KIB provides
    What KIB provides
    • Teamwork experience and make great friends.
    • Leadership skills
    • Personal finances skills
    • Fun enrichment activities with local Indianapolis leaders
    • A meaningful way to spend a summer that will ensure the long term vitality of our city’s urban forest.
    • Practical tree care training
    • $8/hourly rate
    • KIB will provide a FREE lunch on each work day
  • Job Skills Certification

    KIB is pleased to offer a new Job Skills Certificate with the class of 2018 Youth Tree Team  Each week, Youth Tree Team leaders will evaluate all the Youth based on ten basic job skills including punctuality, communication, teamwork, accountability, active engagement, and initiative. Once the Youth have successfully completed the evaluation process, they will be issued a certificate highlighting these achievements. This initiative is supported, in part, by the Marion County Commission on Youth and will help shape model employees and future Indianapolis leaders.

  • IU Summer Experience in Sustainability and the Environment Camp

    Spend 4 days and 3 nights on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington, Indiana taking part in a camp about sustainability and the environment! You will participate in college classroom lectures, go on nature hikes, conduct stream sampling, dye fabric with natural indigo, meet and network with leaders in Sustainability from the University and the City, and, of course, experience the campus life for the weekend. There is no cost to you for this camp as it is part of the full YTT experience!

    Mark your calendar: June 28–July 1, 2018

  • Application Process
    • Step 1: Fill out your application by Tuesday, March 15 at 5PM.
    • Step 2: Applicant Tree Planting— Saturday, March 17 at 9AM (Banker’s Lane Apartments).
    • Step 3: Applicant Tree Watering— Saturday, April 21 at 9AM.
    • Step 4: Formal Interview— Sunday, April 29

  • Youth tree team sponsors
    Youth tree team sponsors

    KIB’s Youth Tree Team program would not be possible without the support of generous sponsors: City of Indianapolis, Lacy Foundation, Pacers Foundation, Lilly Endowment, Brave Heart Foundation, Youth Working for Indy, and First Financial Bank