Tree Tenders

The Tree Tenders program fosters our local volunteers’ passions and interests with opportunities to learn about urban forestry and to serve as advocates in our community.

  • Why

    Tree Tenders are committed to planting trees in their communities, helping KIB with planting projects across the city, and managing small groups of volunteers at KIB tree planting events. Their support is vital to the success of KIB’s events and vision.

  • How

    Volunteers who have a passion for trees can apply to be a KIB Tree Tender. All Tree Tenders complete a 4-step training program. Contact Abby Dennis for more information.

  • What you provide
    • Time to attend 6 hours of Tree Steward Training provided by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Community and Urban Forestry Department.
    • Time to attend two Project Management Training workshops held on Saturdays.
    • Time to lead a tree planting demonstration project with KIB.
    • Commitment to volunteer and lead KIB projects at least 3 times over the course of a season
  • What KIB provides
    What KIB provides
    • Tree Steward Training course fee ($30)
    • Project Management Training workshops
    • Staff assistance and evaluation
  • Sponsors

    Our Tree Tenders program would not be possible without the help of our sponsors.