Community Forestry

KIB’s goal is to plant 100,000 large, one-inch caliper trees in strategic locations throughout Marion County. With your help, we can grow our city’s tree canopy and make Indy a better place to live, work, and play.

  • How to apply for trees in your neighborhood

    Applicants must review the following resources before submitting an application:

    Apply for a community tree planting
  • Why Trees
    Why Trees

    Our Community Forestry program gives neighbors the opportunity to plant, collaboratively raise support and care for trees in the neighborhood. Trees create a beautiful, healthy, and safe environment for Indy residents.

    They improve the natural environment with their aesthetics, and they help produce clean air and water. Research also shows that trees help to reduce crime and foster more sociable neighborhoods. In city neighborhoods, the greener the residence, the lower the crime rate.

    Click here to read about benefits of community greening.

  • How we can grow the tree canopy together
    Click to explore Indianapolis' tree canopy and plantable space.
    How we can grow the tree canopy together

    If your neighborhood is located within Marion County, you can apply for 20+ trees to plant in your community. With your commitment to caring for the trees, KIB will help you with the entire process—the tools, the permits, the training, and more!

    • Take a walk around your neighborhood or on your block, by yourself or with a group of other neighbors. Notice spaces throughout your community that need trees.
    • Share with neighbors your interest in trees. Form a small group that will help you begin to organize the planting. Ask them to share the ideas with their neighbors.
    • Gather volunteers to help plant trees. Encourage your neighbors to help in this part of the process.

    To get started, read our Guidelines for Community Planting or contact Nate Faris for more information.

  • How to Plant A Tree (the Right Way)

  • Your Committment
    Your Committment
    • Gather volunteers to help plant trees. Encourage your neighbors to help in this part of the process.
    • Water the trees for three years. Once the trees are planted, you and your neighbors will be responsible for watering each tree with 15 gallons of water each week, spring through fall, for the first three years.
    • Help us change the tree culture. By sharing your experience with KIB with friends, family and co-workers you can become an ambassador for our work, and help us speak for the trees!
    Apply for a community tree planting
  • KIB's Committment
    KIB's Committment
    • Guidance in tree species and site selection for your community planting
    • Large 1″ caliper trees and materials for the planting
    • Deliveries of trees and mulch will be sent to your neighborhood ahead of the planting
    • Necessary permits and to get all underground utilities marked before the planting
    • All tree planting tools will be provided
    • Our certified arborists on staff will provide training to all volunteers on the planting day
    Apply for a community tree planting
  • Not Ready for Trees in Your Neighborhoods?

    Are you an individual, community group, faith-based organization, or a corporation looking for other ways to get involved?

  • Sponsors

    KIB’s Community Forestry program is part of NeighborWoods, a national effort to replant entire communities through partnerships to plant and tend trees in urban areas through the Alliance of Community Trees. Our initiative, in partnership with the City of Indianapolis, will plant 100,000 trees throughout Indianapolis. Thank you to all of our generous sponsor who make this program successful: Alliance for Community Trees, City of Indianapolis, FedEx, Flanner & Buchanan, IDNR, IPL Trees for Tomorrow, Lilly Endowment, National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, NCAA, Roche Diagnostics, The Cellular Connection, Tom Wood Subaru, and Trees Forever.