Whether you’re looking for information and resources to clean up your block, to beautify your neighborhood, or to plant trees, KIB can help!

  • Planting Trees

    Trees enhance our lives in more ways than you might think. KIB coordinates a number of programs dedicated to planting, preserving, and educating people about trees.

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  • Cleanups, Beautification & Placemaking

    We focus on beautifying Indianapolis by encouraging residents to take action and giving them the tools they need to get started. Our beautification programs are dedicated to cleaning up and revitalizing neighborhoods.

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  • Youth Programming

    We depend on the next generation to keep Indianapolis beautiful. Our youth programs offer opportunities to learn and get involved with KIB’s city-wide efforts.

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  • Special Initiatives

    A few times a year, we partner with local organizations and community members to coordinate events that rally our city together and create a better, more beautiful Indianapolis.

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