Springdale Greenspace at the Nowland Oak

2319 Nowland Ave; 46201

  • Vision for the Space
    The Nowland Oak is approximately 200 years old.
    Vision for the Space

    The Springdale Neighborhood, home of two of the City’s oldest and grandest chinquapin oak trees, is working to preserve and protect the space around the tree located off of Nowland Avenue through KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace program. The neighborhood envisions a place for reflection to view the tree and learn about this natural and historic monument in an artistic and natural setting.

  • The Design Process
    Draft Design, January 2016
    The Design Process

    KIB hired design firm, MKSK, to work with the neighborhood to hear their ideas and vision for the space, and is currently working on refining a design that has been in the creation process since November.

    The Indiana Historical Society also returned as a project partner after creating a successful project in Ransom Place with the neighborhood and KIB in 2015. In this space, IHS will be worked with local artists to design interpretive panels that will be incorporated into the “tree circles” illustrating both the natural history and human interaction with the tree throughout time.

  • Work Status
    The Temple Oak is located just two blocks east of the Nowland Oak at the intersection of Brookside Parkway S. Drive and Nowland Ave.
    Work Status

    Plants and art have been installed. Come by and see this magnificent tree and cool space.

    Contact Joseph Jarzen if you wish to learn more about this special park in Springdale, jjarzen@kibi.org.

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