E.N.G.I.N.E. Pocket Park

58 N. Holmes Avenue, between Washington St. and Ohio St.

The transformation of a vacant lot in this near west community will create a pocket park featuring elements steeped in the Hispanic culture of the area, coupled with a ’64 Bonneville public art centerpiece that is reflective of the community and the notion of immigration along the Historic National Road in the 19th and 20th Centuries.

  • Vision for the Space
    Finished Park
    Vision for the Space

    Engaging Next Generations in Neighborhood Everywhere (ENGINE) and KIB envision an active space where community members and children can gather and meet, a safe place where children can play away from the high traffic nearby streets, and finally transform a beautiful vacant lot with native trees and plants. The park will also serve to preserve the cultural of community in which the art and design will be rooted in the Chicano tradition.

  • Importance of the Project
    Importance of the Project

    The project will work to accomplish many things:

    • Accessibility by creating an inviting space for the entire community to utilize.
    • Neighborhood Pride through preserving the cultural heritage of the community and sharing it with new generations.
    • Sustainability will be achieved though utilizing native plants and grasses to reclaim an underutilized lot.
    • Quality of Life by making a safe, welcoming space for neighborhood children and adults to be active and gather.
  • The Design Process
    The Design Process

    Through the design and engagement process, KIB worked with ENGINE to explore different options for the design of this pocket park. To the left is the design that was selected by the neighborhood as the long-term version for this park. Working from this schematic KIB will construct a portion of the elements in this design that create a solid foundation for the neighborhood to use to continue to work towards their goal.

  • Work Status
    Work Status

    This project has been completed! Now it’s time for community members to use and care for their new park!

    Connecting people to nature, creating vibrant places rooted in community and building lasting value by working together. Committed to creating vibrant places and communities, IPL Project GreenSpace is a grassroots effort that transforms vacant lots and underused spaces into natural, beautiful, and functional pocket parks and greenspaces for neighborhoods..

    The art has been placed, check out our Facebook page for amazing pics!!

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