Cole Noble Gateway GreenSpace

520 E. Market St; 46204

  • Vision for the Space
    Vision for the Space

    Wheeler Mission Ministries is partnered with Artistry, Flanner Buchannon Funeral Centers and Sun King within the Cole Noble District to enhance the gateway into the neighborhood at East St. and Market St, and replant the Market St. corridor.

    This neighborhood wide approach has several different elements. Along East St., concrete on the sidewalk will be replaced with planter beds beside Wheeler’s building and dead ash trees may be removed on the west side of the street in 2017. The businesses renewed plantings along Market St with an eye to compliment the work being done beside Artistry further west. Lastly, the neighborhood wide effort included an artistic fence weaving along Sun King’s parking lot beside Ohio St.

  • The Design Process

    KIB hired Landstory to work with the neighborhood on developing a design for the new planters along East St. This portion of the project removed concrete and replace it with plants bringing back some green to an area of the city (downtown), which has lost significant amounts of greenspace. This small change can help green one of the newly developed areas of town a bit more. The design will also include the review of the planters along Market St so that they will have a majority of native plants in them, a key component of a KIB IPL Project GreenSpace place.

  • Work Status

    Due to construction setbacks the final plantings will be completed in the spring of 2017. The fence weaving projects and Market St plantings have already been completed.

    Contact Joseph Jarzen if you wish to learn more about this downtown development,

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