Adopt-A-Block Business Program

As an Adopt-A-Block Business Captain, your organization will join a network of neighbors to reduce litter, combat graffiti, tackle high weeds and grass, and build community at the smallest city unit—the block!

  • Why every block counts
    Why every block counts

    The Adopt-A-Block program energizes neighborhood volunteers to participate in community activities. Street by street, neighbors inspire each other by setting an example of environmental and community stewardship, dramatically improving their quality of life.

    Your support through the Adopt-A-Block Business Program means more residents out developing pocket parks, community tree plantings, and vibrant greenspace projects throughout the city.

  • Your Commitment to Vibrant Communities
    BECOME A BLOCK CAPTAIN! Check out our Adopt-A-Block Neighborhood Map to see who else has adopted their block. Contact Matt Wakefield at or 317-264-7555 x122 to sign up today!
    Your Commitment to Vibrant Communities
    • Up your curb appeal, whether that means daily pick up, a weekly cleanup or a monthly effort.
      • KIB suggests cleaning a minimum of every other week.
    • Be a community connecter. Encourage your neighbors, customers, and partners to share in the work for beautifying your block and being together.
    • Let your customers know about the resources available for your block through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.  From free trainings to trees, we are here to help!
    • Talk to residents about what you are doing when you are out cleaning your block. See if you can recruit new business block captains on other streets in order to expand your impact.
    • Adopt-A-Block Business Annual Fee: $250 to support growing the Adopt-A-Block network for residents all over the city.
  • What KIB provides
    • Each business captain receives a cleanup kit that includes his or her choice of four items: broom, shovel, garbage bags, gloves, dustpan, bucket, or litter-grabber
      • Plus, an Adopt-A-Block tshirt and annual renewal supplies
      • You can choose to donate your supply kit back to the Adopt-A-Block resident program if your company does not need the tools
    • An “KIB Adopt-A-Block Business Program Block Captain” window decal to display your commitment to cleaning and greening Indy
      • Receive a sticker for every year of participation
    • Assistance installing a KIB Adopt-A-Block metal sign on your business’ street
    • Media, website, and social media recognition on the KIB website, Adopt-A-Block map, social media accounts, annual report, and monthly newsletters
    • We also host training sessions and social events that enable block coordinators to collaborate and celebrate their successes.
    • To encourage friendly competition, KIB scores blocks once a month on a scale of 1 to 4, with a score of 1 indicating a completely litter-free block.
      • Blocks with an average score of 2 or better are eligible to receive a colorful variety of FREE spring perennials!
    • All blocks, regardless of their cleanliness score, have the opportunity to receive FREE TREES in the fall through Keep Indianapolis Beautiful’s Community Forestry program!
  • Community Building Resources

    Visit these links below for helpful information and neighborhood resources.

    • Trees Mean Business: A clean and green street is more than window dressing. Caring for your blocks means cleaner air, a distinctive sense of place, and positive customer perceptions.
    • Share Your Successes! Please fill out this Adopt-A-Block spotlight form so we can learn more about you and what you are doing in your neighborhood. We will use these spotlights on our website, in KIB’s quarterly Get the Dirt newsletter and in information sent out to Adopt-A-Block coordinators across the city!
    • Adopt-A-Block Handbook: Everything you need to know about the Adopt-A-Block Program!
    • Local Neighborhood Resources: Take a look at the resources available to help you improve your neighborhood.

    Have a question? Contact Cheria Caldwell at or 317-264-7555 x101.

    Interested in our other Adopt-A-Block programs?

      • Citizenship starts with Indianapolis’ youngest residents. Schools, staff, and students can lead the charge of caring for the area around their building. Visit the Adopt-A-Block Schools page to learn how to get started.
  • Sponsors

    Adopt-A-Block would not be possible without the support of our sponsors: City of Indianapolis and Lilly Endowment.